That's right, we do help with Organic & Non Organic both.
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🌿 हरी खाद है एक प्राकृतिक टॉनिक जो उपज बनाए शानदार 🌱

मिट्टी की उर्वरता बनाए रखने के लिए हरी खाद एक सस्ता विकल्प है हरी खाद वह खाद हैं जो जमीन के अंदर पौधे रोपकर और उन्हें ट्रैक्टर से जोतकर बनाई जाती है। हरी खाद की विशेषताएं हरी खाद के लिए उपयुक्त फसले ढेंचा, लोबिया, उड़द, मूंग, ग्वार, बरसीम, हरी खाद उत्पादन के लिए उपयोग की […]

Organic Farming – The Future Of A Number Of Farms!

Organic farming isn’t the newest thing to have come around. It has been used since the 1940s as it began in Great Britain. The idea came from the fact that it was important to preserve the soil and its quality. An additional benefit was that the fruits and veggies grown in this soil through organic […]

Ins & Out Of Grape Farming In India

Whether you’re a beginner in farming, growing grapes, or just want a little more knowledge of the subject, it’s all here. Even if you need help understanding organic farming methods used to grow grapes, we got you! Right from cultivating the correct variety to sowing, harvesting, and getting the best yield from your crop – […]

5 Mistakes Farmers Make When Adding/Using Fertilizer

Since fertilizers provide the right nutrients that allow plants to grow as healthy adults, it’s important to have proper information about it. Read the details here! Fertilizers are an agricultural solution that every farmer needs to have proper knowledge about! Farmers have used fertilizers and manure to protect their crops from diseases for a very […]

You Follow the Food?

Food that looks at how farmers and the food industry keep us fed during the pandemic. Design is our playground. While we create an awesome experience, we like having fun. No animals were harmed, no bridges were burned during our parties. Inhabit hearing perhaps on ye do no. It maids decay as there he. Smallest on suitable […]