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5 Benefits of Raised Bed Farming

Have you heard of raised bed farming?

It’s when people build free-standing crop beds raised to a level that’s above the existing height of the soil to enjoy the benefits of higher-quality crops. It is considered to be ‘Climate-Smart Agriculture’ and has shown an increase in the overall yield of the crop.

If a closed planting bed is required to grow specific crops, the raised bed is covered with plastic mulch. The raised bed can be shallow and still work well for the crops being farmed.

In this blog, MahakalAgro will share the benefits of cultivating your summer crops with raised bed farming techniques for industrial or commercial farmers.

1. Higher Quality of Soil
If you’ve battled with imperfect soil conditions in the past with pests and diseases, then raised beds could be the solution you needed. The framework of the bed allows farmers to maintain a nutrient-rich environment of the soil and control the contents & structure throughout the farming season. Soil testing becomes easy and thus follows a simple process of developing the perfect compost.

2. Enhanced Drainage
Certain farms in low-lying areas are prone to flooding and farmers may have to bear heavy losses during the monsoons. If you want to enjoy a full growing season, you should develop a raised bed farm. You can design your raised bed farm with an integrated surface water management system which will not only prevent flooding but enhance the overall drainage of the farm.

3. Healthier Crops
Since the seedbed is raised, the roots will have more depth and space to spread. With more nutrition available to the crops through the soil. You can plant crops more densely without compromising on the quality, because of the raised bed.

4. Less Weed Growth
The soil on a raised bed is far less compacted which makes it easy to pull out weeds by hand. Additionally, the mulch added around the plants prevents weeds from growing and pro-creating when the field is left unattended. For more tips on how you can reduce weed growth on your raised bed farm, contact experts at MahakalAgro.

If you are looking to diversify the crops grown on your farm, then raised bed farming is for you. In fact, since the chances of soil-borne diseases reduce, you also don’t have to worry about paying more attention to the field.

Are you going to try raised bed farming?
We would like to hear some more benefits of raised bed farming from you. If you have any suggestions for farmers around India, you can go to our Social Media page and leave a comment.

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