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5 Main Types of Plant Hormones You Need To Know

Have you heard of Plant Growth Regulators (PGR)?

The simple answer is that these are hormone-based chemicals that help the growth of your crops by changing the internal workings of these plants.

It increases the nutrition intake, reduces shoot growth, increases branching and return bloom, along with a number of other things.

Hormonal regulators is a type of non-organic farming method and is becoming increasingly popular among farmers around India.

The 5 Plant Hormones

The effects of PGRs highly depend on how easily they are absorbed by the plants, timing, plant age, weather conditions, type of plant, etc.

Let’s understand the hormones to get a clearer idea of why they’re important and why we should know about them:

1. Gibberellins
This particular hormone is known to be involved in a number of developmental processes, such as germination, flowering, stem elongation, and enzyme induction. Of these, the most effect can be seen in the lengthening of the stem.
For example, introducing gibberellins into shrubs can help the stem grow.

Get a proper understanding of the agricultural solutions you are implementing before introducing any hormones into the plants systems.

2. Cytokinin
When applied in the right cytokinin aids the cell division and development process. This helps the leaves in increasing the photosynthetic period, production of chlorophyll, and decreases the build-up of sugar as the leaves begin to age.

All this contributes to the health of the plant and enables proper growth.

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3. Ethylene
Specifically in Apples and Cherries, Ethylene is known to physiologically mature the fruits into ripe ones. This is done by encouraging the natural falling off of leaves and fruits, preventing the unnecessary growth of shoots, and stopping the growth of lateral buds.

4. Auxins
If Auxins are used in the right amount, they can help the shoots in lengthening to the right amount. If not, they will prevent lateral buds from growing. Along with being great plant growth regulators, these compounds are also used as herbicides in the market.

Non-organic farming methods are a great way to get things going.

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5. Abscisic Acid
Also known as the stress hormone, abscisic acid helps crops increase their tolerance to fight stressful circumstances happening around them. Its main function is to control water loss, slow down shoot growth, and regulate the potential of buds and seeds.

Each of these five hormones have a specific job, and its portions must be controlled to get desired results.

There are a number of solutions that can be implemented to help crops grow and improve the overall yield of the farm.

But regardless of what method is selected to aid this process, the timing, amount, type of plant, etc., are all important aspects to be considered before usage.

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