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5 Mistakes Farmers Make When Adding/Using Fertilizer

Since fertilizers provide the right nutrients that allow plants to grow as healthy adults, it’s important to have proper information about it. Read the details here!

Fertilizers are an agricultural solution that every farmer needs to have proper knowledge about!

Farmers have used fertilizers and manure to protect their crops from diseases for a very long time. Not using either of these products may lead to an infestation that destroys the entire crop.

When using fertilizers from the market, you should read the label and then use the product.

Despite the care, there might be certain steps that are missed or carried out wrongly.

Here are 5 mistakes that farmers tend to make when adding fertilizer to their farms:

• Imbalanced Nutrition
Plant nutritions should be sorted before sowing the crops. A balance of nutrients helps crops grow to their full potential, offering tasty fruits and vegetables. There are 15 main nutrients which need to be present in the soil in different quantities. While the NPK fertilizer application is a good idea, it’s important to remember that adding other micronutrients to your soil will get you a higher yield.

• Using Excessive Fertilizer
According to most agricultural solutions available in the market, it has been proved that an appropriate quantity of fertilizer is the best. Just because more fertilizer has been added to the soil, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a better crop. On certain occasions, adding too much fertilizer can cause irreversible damage to the crop and soil by increasing the toxicity levels.

This is one of the primary reasons that farmers may choose to follow organic farming methods. Are you interested in gaining more knowledge about the same?

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• Incorrect Fertilizer Placements
What is the use of adding fertilizer to your soil when the plants can absorb them properly? That’s where proper placement of fertilizers comes into play. Inorganic fertilizers can be applied with equipment or manually – where one does the job easily, and the other takes time and expertise. So choose an agricultural solution that works for you!

• Fertilizer Application Without Soil Testing
The fertilizer you use for your crop should be decided on the type of soil you’re working with and what nutrients are not present in it. To determine this, you need to get your soil tested. The report will provide details of each nutrient present and absent in the soil.
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• Wrong Timing
Make sure you apply the fertilizer at the right time. Too early or too late can damage the crop, by affecting its growth or letting it be at the risk of catching diseases.

Using fertilizers for your crops is a great agricultural solution!

All you need to do is have a proper knowledge base for it.

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