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Explore All The Ways You Can Store & Sell Your Harvest

As a farmer, having control on when you sell your harvest can impact the rates you get in the market. This storage also adds to your supply of animal feel, round the year.

All of this is made possible by on-farm storage systems. As long as you dry your grains and clean up the storage container, you’re safe.
Let’s take a look at some options you can explore. Give MahakalAgro experts a call to understand these in detail.

1 Cold storage is a good way to extend the life of your fresh produce like fruits and vegetables.

2 Preserving fresh food by sealing it in cans will help preserve nutrients in them and you can sell it off when you get the right price for it.

3 The temperature and humidity levels in root cellars makes it possible to store harvest for several months.

4 You can store a wide variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and grains in vacuum sealed packages and sell them when feasible to you.

The next points are going to be about how you can sell your harvest without compromising on the profits.

1 Explore the new offering under the SHG banner called Community-supported agriculture. It’s transformational for the majority of farmers in India who own a small to mid-size piece of land and do not have much technology to work with.

2 As e-commerce rises, it opens up doors to increasing sales through the various platforms, like MahakalAgro!

3 Farmer Producer Organizations are collectives of small farmers who pool their resources to improve their bargaining power in the market.

4 Contract farming is all about making a solid agreement between farmers and buyers which includes specifications of production, pricing, and marketing of a particular crop.

Do you have any more options farmers can explore? Tell us more about it!

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